Write 5 pages with APA style on The Ethic of Food.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Ethic of Food. According to Mayo Clinic (Para 3), organic food production is geared towards making sure that the process of food production leads to conservation of soil, water, and environment while at the same time producing healthy food. This brings in a conflicting factor because organic food production hinders the mass production of food and therefore goes against the strategy of mass production of food to solve food insecurity (Basu 59). However, regardless of this, organic food is going to be the way forward for food security in the world.

The problem with the debate on food security is that the debate depends on misinformation. As Astyk and Newton (Para 1) say, the biggest issue with the debate on food insecurity is that it focuses on the illusion that there is a food shortage in the world. However this is not the reality and in fact, according to them, there is excess food in the world, way more than the entire population can need. “Most hunger in the world has absolutely nothing to do with food shortages” (Astyk & Newton Para 1).

It is the impression that the world’s food insecurity is caused by food shortage that makes organic food to look like a barrier to achieving food security. However, based on what Astyk and Newton (Para 1) argue, food shortage is never the problem. The problem is not food shortage but the fact most people who are affected by food insecurity are in places where there is food that they cannot afford. This has been brought up by the commercialization of food. In fact, the same commercialization of food production that has been thought to be the savior to deliver the world from food insecurity is the same thing that has ironically led to food insecurity because it leads to food prices hiking and this means that the poor cannot afford the same food.&nbsp.

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Commercialization of food not only leads to the food being expensive for a majority of the people but also leads to poor wages for the employees who work in the industries where food is produced. This is right from the farm to the grocery stores.

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