Write 5 pages with APA style on The Scope and Nature of Physical Security Designing.

. Fennelly indicated the inevitable need to expand crime prevention through an environmental design (CPTED) method to include the entire neighborhoods and offer comprehensive data gathering efforts that would both describe the nature of crime forms and suggest suitable countermeasures. Borrowing from (Fennelly, 2004), I propose to my friend three-fold CPTED options involving:

&nbsp.The way to thwart crime is simply to design the entire environment in such a way that citizens and neighbors, apart from the police force, have a chance to contribute to security provision and reduce crime.

&nbsp.It`s necessary to have surveillance options in a premise as the loss of time and assets due to burglary is developing cancer within our society which takes away the profits of every business, be it retail, manufacturing or service. A successful thief requires privacy so as to operate. It is the role of the surveillance system to prevent this. Here are the factors to consider before acquiring surveillance technology:

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&nbsp.The best choice is to shop a camera with a varifocal or zoom lens. You will pay a small premium on fixed lens cameras, depending on the particular lens but then it means you enjoy much more flexibility. In the course of installation, you need to be able to zoom in or out so as to fill image frame with the chosen subject and make the best use of available pixels.

&nbsp.Outdoor barriers are facilities used for perimeter protection such as fences, lighting, walls, and gates among others. They are important to the security of the business premise for the following reasons:

&nbsp.There are various types of locks which can be installed within the facility, particularly in those areas where confidential and secret information are stored. The friend’s premise may have the following three options:

&nbsp.Adequate lighting ought to be provided from dusk to dawn at all exits and entrances, around all office structures, along with every boundary line, and in every parking area.

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