Write 5 pages with APA style on The Volunteerism and Community Service

When I witnessed the American Red Cross activities as a volunteer, my aim in mind was to make a difference by helping fellow Americans. When I completed the ten-hour volunteer work, little, did I know that it was just a glimpse of a wonderful life of volunteerism? I wanted to transform the ten hours into days, or months, or years. My life was transformed by the short time I experienced in the Red Cross.

Journal for the ten-volunteer hours with the American Red Cross

The first day in my new “job” began with a short orientation. First, I reported to the local office and asked for the person in charge of volunteers. I introduced myself to the designated volunteer supervisor, who was too accommodating to provide me with valuable information about volunteerism in the Red Cross. Ms. Claire, the supervisor, asked me to fill up a volunteer form. After that, she briefed me about the jobs of a volunteer.

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The orientation took place at around nine o’clock in the morning on that peaceful and clear Monday. My request for ten volunteer hours was a short period, but she said that my time could be distributed into a week where I would be able to acquire knowledge and information about volunteerism and the various activities in the organization. We were ten new volunteers, whom Ms. Claire welcomed individually with a hug. She said that we would be given orientation and ‘tour’ and other special training for volunteers.

My first day of the week provided me a glimpse of what we would do as volunteers and what the Red Cross has done as an organization. My job was mostly on knowing what the Red Cross has done and can do in times of calamities and disasters. We could not do much as volunteers due to the short time allotted for us, but we could assist in the work being done in the office and orient ourselves in the staff’s various training.

On my second day, I was given a task that I believed was very fruitful in that short time of volunteer work. Ms. Claire asked me if I would like to assist with the babysitting activity, one of the training programs provided by the American Red Cross. My job was to assist the instructor in the training program, Ms. Smith, a retired nurse who has dedicated her life to volunteer work. Ms. Smith gave me a short orientation about babysitting. The training was a fruitful experience. I was allotted one-and-half hours for the training, but I extended it for another half an hour because I felt that the time was not enough. Babysitting is a very honorable and humane job. It trains us to become parents.

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