Write 6 pages with APA style on Is Intelligent design a scientific theory

However, some individuals say that intelligence action is related with the origin of different characteristics of biological life.

It is evident that intelligent design begins with forms of information, which are commonly observed to produce agents of intelligence in the real world. Atheist such as zoologist Dawkins argues that if biology is a study of complicated things, then the complications are as a result of appearance and purpose. Dawkins also argues that natural selection is what led to the intelligent design. this is as a result of the challenges met in meeting the demands in the environment. To add on this, theorists such as Stephen Meyer notes that intelligent design plays a substantial role in casual activities. From theories of the above philosophers, we can conclude that intelligent design is a scientific theory, which has a basis on empirical studies on the natural environment.

Structures created through the promulgation of a Discovery Institute are intelligent designs products. The institute explains that structures occur from human intelligence and not natural processes. An ideal example is the existence of God, which is a teleological argument from the traditional contemporary adaptation. It defines the origin of life as a scientific theory other than an idea based on religion. Most arguments relate to the intelligent design which refers to God as the designer. The Discovery Institute is conservatively a political institution.

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The intelligent design uses the view point of theistic science, whose objective is to explain science e in a different way invoking supernatural structures. In supporting its belief, ID has put forward two arguments: the specified and the irreducible complexity. Scientific community prefers the methodological naturalism to the scientific extension in explaining the supernatural structures.

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