Write 6 pages with APA style on The existence of Sylvia Plath’s mental illness.

Write 6 pages with APA style on The existence of Sylvia Plath’s mental illness. The feminine self that Plath often explores in her poems is permeated with an autocratically free zeal which fiercely struggles for more breath under the choking grip of her male counterpart and ferociously victimizes her male foes. In an article “Mad Poets Society”, Alex Beam confirms that Plath began to develop schizophrenic syndromes and manic depression at the age of twenty. He says in this regard, “At the age of twenty, Plath experienced mild depressions while studying at Smith” (Beam 98). But a close psychoanalysis of the evidences in her poems as well as her life-events will necessarily reveal that her mental illness -schizophrenia and manic depression- can directly be connected to her experiences of her father Otto Plath and her husband Ted Hughes. In this paper I will explore the evidences of Plath’s real-life mental illness in Plath’s poems and stories. Also this paper will discuss whether Plath successfully uses her mental illness to her advantage, or whether she dissociates from it. When Plath was eight, Otto “developed gangrene in one foot after minor trauma and was found to have late stage untreated diabetes mellitus” (Cooper 4).


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