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Such interviews will be done in the hopes of validating what previous studies have already established.

human relationships. In terms of physiological responses to romance, Kahn (2004) & Slater (2006) discussed the experimental studies of Dr Marazziti, a psychiatry professor and Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who show how their manipulation of variables proved that hormonal and biochemical changes occur as manifestations of behaviours related to triggering responses related to romance. Their studies conclude that levels of some hormones, like serotonin and oxytocin, gets altered in the early phases of a romance, but eventually goes back to normal after some time when the relationship gets more stable.

Their studies necessitated the use of special apparatus to measure such physiological responses. Fisher has done experiments on people “in love” by putting them in MRI machines and studying how their brain works when shown a photograph of their beloved ones. It was found out that the effect is stimulating the part of the brain associated with reward and pleasure and stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for creating intense energy, exhilaration, focused attention, and motivation to win rewards.

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In some of the studies, participants’ self-reports provided definitions or descriptions of some constructs. An example is Feiring’s study on the “Concepts of Romance in 15-year old Adolescents” From Heiman’s teachings on Research methodology (2002), Feiring’s study seems to have skipped the step on the creation of a hypothetical construct on purpose because that is the meat of her study – to determine how adolescents conceptualize romance and share what they find attractive in prospective partners.

Levine et al (2006) used the constructs on love styles theorized by Lee (1977) as the backdrop of their study. T&nbsp.adopted was that individuals had tendencies towards a particular love style and this influenced their preferences in potential mates as well as how they initiated and intensified their romantic liaisons.&nbsp. Their research included three studies that explored the possibilities of intertwining the variables of love styles, preferences and communication styles in initiating and intensifying relationships.

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