Write 7 pages with APA style on Human and Animals as Species.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Human and Animals as Species. But some of the common concepts pertaining to animals include. species that are dirty by nature, shameless, to be utilized as food, to be put to numerous experiments for the benefit of mankind and countless other absurd views based on lack of thought and reasoning. Care must be taken that the topic does not relate to Vegetarianism or any other such notion but merely discusses the philosophical answers to why animals are put to such torture and mass murder… why do we feel it okay to kill an animal than a human being? What sense is there that makes us happy about cooking them? Or torturing them? What makes experimental tests on animals ‘legal’ and why they are treated like ‘animals’? Surely the very word paints a sharp but unreasonably illogical picture of the ill-formed concepts mentioned above, and that is what we perceive of the word and species, clearly not even related to how we define the term ‘animal’ nor ever been thought of before by common man. No matter how much we pursue that humans are at a higher intellectual level than animals (which supposedly we are), the common man can’t still reason enough to prove if it’s wrong or right to treat an animal like our false conceptions make us do.

An animal–and we are all animals–is an embodied soul. This is precisely what Descartes saw and, for his own reasons, chose to de

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