Write 8 pages thesis on the topic usage of computers and computer software in the animal adoption industry.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic usage of computers and computer software in the animal adoption industry. This facilitates managing the animals and keeping records of every detail to each animal. This method requires different organization styles, but in order for an animal shelter to stay organized, they must embrace computers and its relevant software. Every day animals are taken out of their kernels for viewing or vaccination and even out for a walk along with many places other than the animal’s assigned area, this makes it hard to keep an inventory of the animals at the animal shelter and this gives more reason to develop a system of keeping the animals accounted for and organized.

Once an animal has been adopted there is a need to register the new owner so as to easily keep track of the animal, in many regions it is mandated by law for dog owners to register their dogs with the local animal shelters. This information is recorded at the county level and surrounding local pet organizations in case the animal gets lost. The registration of animals at the animal shelters creates more works for its staff but gives an easy way to take inventory of all registered animals in case something happens. This work is much less compared to the manual exercises in a regular animal shelter, it eliminates the need for paperwork, follow up and effort that goes in running an animal control and shelter facility. Many systems have been developed to make running such a facility much easier.

This system offers complete animal shelter management solutions, from the first day the animal is brought to the facility through adoption. This program maintains detailed records highlighting all areas of animal care. For each animal medical records pertaining to assessment, vaccination, treatments etc are kept and also a whole module has been developed to monitor and control quarantined animals 2. Legal information like complaints brought forward against pets and owners, convictions that are animal-related, special animal breed registration are also accommodated.

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