Write a 1 page paper on legalism: domestic violence.

Write a 1 page paper on legalism: domestic violence. LEGALISM The publisher provides information that has accuracy and objectivity to its readers. In addition, the publisher provides various viewpoints in regard to domestic violence and goes ahead to provide an in depth analysis of the situation (Lee, 2005). The writer provides ample evidence, that are reasonable and specific to its audience. For example, the author has provided enough evidence to identify when one is in an abusive relationship. From the level to which the writer has taken the readers in an in depth viewpoint about the subject, one can know that the writer is indeed an expert in matters dealing with domestic violence (Dryden, 2014).

Domestic violence refers to physical or emotional abuse directed to one whom you are in a relationship or married. Domestic violence usually occurs to any person irrespective of gender, age, race, religion or location. In any form of domestic violence, there is often the abuser and the one who is abused. Recognizing domestic violence at an early stage is critical at ending it in any form of relationship (Davis, 2008). Therefore, understanding it in depth is what most articles would talk about. Based on the publishers, the issue of domestic violence is a reality in the society and should be addressed as soon as possible. Moreover, the writer has maintained a neutral ground while talking about the issue without pointing any fingers towards any person that exist in an abusive relationship. Based on the authors writing, writer’s association with special interest to domestic violence victims can view her point of view as unbiased (Smith, 2014). All in all, it is clear that the author related to the problems faced by people in domestic violence scenarios, addressed them in relation to his thesis.


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