Write a 1 page paper on using a reading checklist. Using a Reading Checklist

Write a 1 page paper on using a reading checklist. Using a Reading Checklist

When going through an essay, it is always advisable to draft how you understand the essay. These may be in terms of questions regarding why the author selected the subject and the essays thesis, what we can tell about the author based on the language and tone of the essay, and what about the work has contributed to its success, the target audience and the strategy used by author to organize the ideas.

Analyzing a Sample Essay

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Analyzing a sample essay is the best way to gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of an essay or any reading material. This enhances writers’ skills as it goes along way into teaching how to go through their work as authors. This also helps to enhance the scope of strategies that the author may use as well as proposing subjects upon which his or her essay may be based.

Developing an Essay

When writing, first draft the thesis statement in a few paragraphs. This refers to the main idea the author wishes to address. The author may identify the thesis before writing or during the writing process. It helps to guide the author in sourcing for information and to have a sense of direction with respect to the contents of the paper and their organization. The thesis expounds on the essays’ subject based on the author’s comprehension of the same.


Prepare the outline of the contents of the essay with regard to the thesis statement and write them down. This is essential as it helps in organizing and planning the flow of the essay into the introduction, body, and conclusion.

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