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Homosexuality in Britain Athletic Love: English Literature (1896 – 1969) A Summary and Critique The article divulged relevant information on the evolution of homosexual content in English literary works before the decriminalization of 1967. Several English authors were suspended, censored, or simply banned from expressing homosexual content in their writings prior to the mid-20th century. In fact, the famous trial and sentencing of Oscar Wilde became the precursor for seeing homosexuals as threats to society. Several authors were precluded from expressing homosexuality in their writings, to wit: Edward Carpenter, Symonds and Ellis, among others.

According to the article, the orientation for preference to same sex relations remain covert as it was categorized as criminal in nature to expose homosexual acts, in private or in public, even by consenting adults prior to 1969. There was no organization in England promoting for any homosexual reform that it waited for American ideals of homosexual liberation to emerge. Despite the British laws prevailing to be predominantly homophobic, homosexual content in English literature still remained sporadic, depending on the creativity and restraint of the writer.

British literature had patiently waited for fourteen years since the Wolfenden Report of 1953 recommending that homosexual behavior between consenting adults in private no longer be criminalized in England, before they can freely express homosexual content in their literary works.

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It is my personal contention that the issue of homosexuality remains to be controversial in other parts of the world until contemporary times. What American culture had promoted in terms of liberalizing homosexual behavior was readily accepted in other Western civilizations. Some Eastern culture remains to be still conservative in openly accepting homosexual acts given the cultural values and beliefs, especially pinning on religious orientations.

In literature, however, I support freedom of creative expression including the writing of homosexual content conforming to ethical frameworks. Wanton disregard for the readers’ morals would render their literary work utterly improvident.

I share Jeremy Bentham’s belief that in writing about homosexuality, one must weigh “the pleasure of consensual homosexual relations against the pain or harm it causes the general public… by causing no harm to others, homosexuality is justified by the pleasures of those who practice it.” (glbtq, 2002, 1)

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