write a 3-4 page reflective essay on the Karen Hannen Case (posted on Blackboard), using as guide lines those provided by “The Seven Elements of Negotiation” (Handout) and using as main analytical references 1. “Difficult Conversations” 2. “Beyond Reason” and 3. “Interpersonal Conflict”

Assume Karen Hannen’s role and situation as described in the case study, analyze her dilemma, and say how she should prepare for the conversation she must have with Robert Welch. You must develop your own argument and not replicate or summarize another author’s argument.

Describe your preparations for the upcoming conversation alluded to in the Karen Hannen case study. Identify your objectives for the conversation and describe the approach you would take in this situation, and explain why. Consider the variety of ways the conversation might go and what you would do and say as it develops. In particular, include a script that you would use at the beginning of the conversation to set the tone and frame the rest of the conversation, and identify any other statements that you imagine you might make or questions that you imagine you might ask as the conversation goes along.

Format: Maximum four double-spaced pages (not counting any cover page and the bibliography). Use 11-point Times New Roman or similar font, 1” margins, Word, and indented paragraphs (so that no extra lines are needed between paragraphs).

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Evaluation: Evaluation of the paper will be primarily based on (a) the quality of your insights and (b) your ability to demonstrate that you have studied the course readings (whether or not we have discussed them! – failure to utilize readings of obvious relevance will have a seriously negative impact on your grade) and have reflected on class discussions and see their relevance to what you did (or should have done) during the preparation for and conduct of the “in-class” negotiation exercises. Therefore, cite course readings in a way that makes your understanding of them clear. Please, put footnotes in parentheses in the text (author and page number).

The following are the minimal elements that your term paper should include:

1. The setting of the conversation between Karen and Robert

2. Tone and approach for Karen to adopt

3. Opening statement

4. Statement of the problem from Karen’s point of view

5. Inviting Robert to speak his mind about the problem

6. Questions that Karen needs to ask Robert

7. Negotiation of a solution

8. References to the readings (Please, see above)

I have attached the case and also the 7 elements of negotiation that should be used.

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