Write a 5 pages paper on dismissal of rabban gamaliel.

Write a 5 pages paper on dismissal of rabban gamaliel. This indicates how the two Rabbis differed constantly in their opinions. The two contradicting responses raised concerns in the disciple and he informed Rabban Gamaliel about what Rabban Joshua had said earlier (Cohen, 2013). Rabban Gamaliel then asked the disciple to wait for the champions to enter the Beth ha-Midrash and he will get a clear response. The champions were on higher hierarchies than the rabbi were. When the champions arrived, someone asked the same question and this time around, Rabban Joshua admitted that it was compulsory hence contradicting his initial answer (Cohen, 2013). This showed that the Rabbis honored their authorities hence Joshua could not say something contrary to what was originally right. Rabban Gamaliel then sought to inquire why Rabban Joshua had given a contrary answer when a disciple asked him prior (Cohen, 2013). He asked Rabban Joshua to stand up and let the people testify against him. Joshua however stood up and said that if he was alive, and the disciple who spoke to him earlier on was dead, the living could contradict the dead. He further said that they were both alive and questioned how he, who was living could contradict the disciple who was also living (Cohen, 2013). He meant that he was guilty as charged and he could not deny. Rabban Gamaliel remained sitting and expounding on the words of Joshua and Joshua remained standing until people started shouting and asked the interpreter to stop speaking. They wanted to know how long the insulting from Rabban Gamaliel to Rabban Joshua would go on (Drazin, 2008). Gamaliel&nbsp.had insulted Joshua during New Year when he asked him to bring his staff and wallet before him on the Atonement day (Drazin, 2008). He also insulted Rabban Joshua in the matter concerning the firstborn affair of Rabban Zaddock and he had now done it again (Babylonian Talmud 27b). The people advocated that they should remove him from the leadership of the academy and chose somebody else to take his place. This explains that it was against their practices for the Rabbans to insult others since they were to act as good examples to the rest. They also expected their leaders to be wise and answer any question brought before them. In this case, Rabban Gamaliel was not able to respond to the question posed to him by Rabban Joshua. The people, therefore, felt that they needed a better and wiser leader.

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