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. First, there is the need to consider your own personal requirements as the therapist, examine whether you have any unfinished business or potentiality of individual conflicts that could interfere with the assistance you are supposed to offer the client. One still needs to consider their prejudice areas as well as their vulnerabilities. Also, there is a need to consider the potential impairment which could result to countertransference (American Counseling Association, 2008).

According to Fawcett and Neukrug (2006), Impairment, in this case, would include: Having professional isolation, self-esteem which is fragile, having problems in creating intimacy in your individual’s social life, the need for rescuing your customers, abuse of drugs and substance and having reassurance regarding our competence.

As far as therapy services are concerned, countertransference would include ethical issues such as dealing with your clients in such a superficial and benign approach, rejecting to listen to the clients, having overprotective behavior towards certain clients, calling for reinforcement as well as approval occasionally, having a romantic or sexual approach to you clients and providing a piece of compulsory advice and consultancy. It has included the development of social relationships with your clients and having delayed terminations (Fawcett and Neukrug, 2006).

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American Counseling Association (2008) holds that, while providing therapy to the family members, ethical issues need to be considered in a certain procedure and steps. These include Identification of the client’s problems or challenges, consider if they are clinical, professional, or mainly ethical and moral. You also ought to check at the laws and regulations pertaining to the challenges brought forward by the client and look at the issues which are potential to both you and your customer. In this case, one needs to look back at the ethical codes regarding the profession. Your individual values and ethics need to be in line but not in conflict with the provided guidelines. There is a need to seek other professionals’ consultancy where necessary. The therapist also needs to check on the possible aftermath as a result of the course of action and as well follow up on these effects in order that they examine the outcomes.

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