Write a 6 pages paper on sustainability in civil engineering

Analyzing such projects will help show the benefits of sustainable construction in terms of reducing the costs of the project and increasing the functionality of the project. The research will also involve a literature review on the various aspects of sustainability to enhance the proper understanding of the topic.

Sustainability is defined as a combination of various social, economic, and environmental factors relating to the built environment, which are aimed at increasing capacity and improving the quality of living (Haselbach 6). Sustainability increases the effectiveness and competence of projects and hence reducing their costs without interfering with the quality of the project. Sustainable construction is also focused on maintaining the quantity and quality of resources and preventing them from extinction. Sustainability in Civil infrastructure creates a condition whereby the environmental, economic, and societal well-being of the present and the future is taken into consideration. All sustainable projects are guided by economic growth, environmental conservation, and social progress.

Buildings require varying amounts of energy depending on their functions. In order to achieve sustainability in buildings, energy must be used efficiently. The current sources of energy are not capable of satisfying the current and future generation and therefore it is necessary to minimize energy&nbsp.use. The amount of petroleum available on earth deposits has constantly reduced and hence the cost of energy has skyrocketed. However, different sources of energy such as solar panels and windmills can also provide energy in buildings. By using such technologies in buildings, the cost of energy will significantly reduce and it will help conserve natural resources. Solar panels can be laid on roofs of buildings and can provide the required energy during all the building operations.

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