Write a 6 pages paper on the hominid ancestors.

Write a 6 pages paper on the hominid ancestors.

Felicia: “We are PRIMATES. that is, we are MAMMALS that belong to the order Primate. Our ancestors lived in tropical forests. Recently the people working on naming different animal species: the TAXONOMISTS have split up us primates into two sub-orders.” &nbsp.

Mark to Zozo: “Tell us something about your behaviors and cognition.”

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Zozo: “We nonhuman hominids have a well defined social living structure. We live in groups having one male leader, some species like that chimpanzees also hunt animals for their food. We are intelligent animals. Many researches on COGNITIVE ANTHROPOLOGY show that we possess amusing problem-solving skills, and we are fast learners. The PLIO-PLEISTOCENE archeological period gives a clear view of constant development in hominins concerning their learning abilities and behaviors” (Ian Tattersall, 2012)

Mark to Felicia: “Since you are a female primate, tell us if there is any difference of social behaviors than that of male primates.”

Felicia: “Yes, there are a few behavioral differences. though we live in troops, the female primates move away from the group in which they were born. Male primates are usually involved in the defense mechanism of the group.”

Mark:” And what are the characteristics of your cognition and communications?”

Felicia: “We have sophisticated cognitive skills. Some of us even make tools and ARTIFACTS to be used for hunting or social exhibit. We can easily learn the usage of symbols and understand human language and behaviors. We have sharp memories and exceptional numerical and abstract concepts. We have small HOME RANGES where we live and hunt. The hunting SITES are somewhat away from our dwelling sites.”

Zozo: “We are considered old world LARGE BODIED HOMINOIDS, belonging to the family of Hominidae. By the term large-bodied hominoids, we are somewhat similar to humans, giving birth to babies, not eggs. We dwell in forests, and our diets include tree leaves, seeds, fruits, nuts, etc. Most of our species are HERBIVOROUS. that is, they eat grass and leaves, while others also hunt animals and are OMNIVOROUS. We are also referred to as HOMININS that is belonging to the class of Hominidae.

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