Write a 6 pages paper on why students have to wear uniforms.

Write a 6 pages paper on why students have to wear uniforms. Schools are social institutions where children of various calibers gather to share knowledge and facilities. In this respect, there ought not to be any conflict of interests as far as their individual rights are concerned (Bowen 42). While both arguments could have some benefits attached to them, it is worthy to note that it is better to allow schoolchildren to wear uniforms to schools than the contrary especially considering the fact that contemporary society is very unequal and education ought to play an equalizing role in the society.

According to Ebert and Culyer, opinions are divided as to whether there are benefits attached to wearing school uniforms, as both sides of the debate present facts to support their arguments (26). While the proponents of the debate argue that school uniforms enable student s to attend classes well hence improving their overall academic grades and performance, the critiques strongly assert that the wearing of school informs neither guarantees security nor ensures the safety of the student s while at school (Delaney 8). At this point, it is important to propose that school students have to wear uniforms for a number of reasons. For the most part, research has shown that dress policies have a significant impact on the learning of students. This has been particularly so in areas and schools with broad diversities of students meaning that the students have little commonalities if any, besides education that unites them all (Ebert and Culyer 21). Therefore, it is essential for students to wear school uniforms if cohesion in schools is to be realized. Besides, the schools promoting the wearing of uniforms by students normally record-high graduation and attendance rates (Brunsma 4). This is major because many students feel motivated to learn alongside other students who are dressed in the same attire and working towards similar objectives although aspirations could differ (Bowen 4).

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