Write a 9 pages paper on utilitarianism theory in daily life.

Write a 9 pages paper on utilitarianism theory in daily life. This paper aims at evaluating the utilitarianism theory based on its theoretical conceptions and practically relates it to real occurrences evidenced in contemporary society thereby giving it a holistic approach. This will be done through the exploration of various literature and sources in the databases that have relevant content to the topic. The paper begins with the introduction then proceeds to discuss the theoretical concepts of utilitarianism. Prior to the conclusion, a practical real-life experience that relates to the theory is studied. In the end, concise conclusive remarks are given as well as the general summary of the discussion

Every time the world crosses beyond the ethical marks, the result becomes condemnation, uproar, and interruption of peaceful coexistence (Gingell, 2013). This means that there are those lines that separate the right from the wrong, the good from the bad, and the acceptance from the disputed. Human behaviors are controlled by set social rules that guide actions such that those behaviors that are exhibited are justifiably authenticated and verified as pure and healthy in the social discourse. What has puzzled many in the past and even today is extracting the imperatives of these ethical standards. Who makes these ‘social laws’ that make people behave as they do? Under what guidelines or framework would someone struggle to save the life of another when they put their own on the edge? What brings the social order that is sought to be achieved by many societies?

In order to understand the principles under which humanity is embedded, several theories have been put forward. The utilitarianism theory is a consolidated conceptual theoretical perspective that has been embraced over a long period of time because of its comprehensive nature and outright clarity in explaining the mystery behind ethics and morality.&nbsp.

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