Write a paper on desalination ships in 2014

I need some assistance with these assignment. desalination ships in 2014 Thank you in advance for the help! The idea of turning salt water into fresh drinking water through huge container vessels can bring possible solutions to the water shortage problem. Here we shall discuss in detail this big idea of water desalination through huge vessels.

Even though water covers a majority of the landscape in the world, 97% of it is in the form of oceans and only 3% is available as freshwater. Most of the freshwater source is locked as ice caps and glaciers, leaving only 1% of water easily accessible to human use. Currently, it is observed that 80% of people are without access to adequate drinking water, prominently in the regions of sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Asia, and Southern Asia. It is estimated that by 2025, around 35% of the world population would be affected by water scarcity, covering over 50 countries. (“Freshwater”). In order to alleviate these effects, planetary water supplies have to be conserved and furthermore, existing technologies should be implemented to avert the global water crisis. Water desalination is a modern technique that transforms the saline seawater into drinking fresh water, providing a sustainable solution to the existing water scarcity. In the modern days, desalination is carried out in ships, submarines, and land-based plants majorly in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emeritus, USA, China, Israel, and Australia.

Water desalination is a process of removing salt and other minerals from saline water through one or more techniques, developing a cost-effective way to provide fresh water for human use. Some of the modern techniques implemented in the desalination process are electro-dialysis, thermal desalination, multistage flash distillation, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, and more. However, the expense of the treatment and difficulty of the process varies with the saline level measured in the water. According to the US Geological Survey, “1,000 ppm – 3,000 ppm is low&nbsp.salinity, 3,000 ppm – 10,000 ppm is moderate salinity, and 10,000 ppm – 35,000 ppm is high salinity.” (Aintablian).&nbsp.

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