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I need some assistance with these assignment. educational leadership Thank you in advance for the help! Leaders must work together with the community to implement desirable and required changes. An education leader that approaches change from a system view will put into consideration specific variables that are impacted by the change (Razik, 2010).

Systemic Change

Systemic change is the type of change that occurs in all levels and aspects of the process of education which affects all the individuals that are involved in this process such as the teachers, students, parents, community members, and administrators (Razik, 2010). It is a dynamic process that often requires constant evaluation and communication and has significant implications for professional development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Change is more of a gradual process than just a single adjustment. Organizations can be viewed as fluid particles or entities that are constantly in motion whereby managing change in this perspective is just a matter of getting hold of some aspect of the motion and steering it in a more defined direction (Razik, 2010).

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Systemic Change Impacting education

Academic institutions or schools have the responsibility to prepare and mold the youths to effectively compete in the adult world. To accomplish this, these institutions must at all-time be aware of the requirements and nature of that environment. Academic and school systems should always be prepared to adjust their instructions and curriculum in order to accommodate environmental change, new social structures, technology changes, and new values. Many of the individual activities have been used for years to develop knowledge and skills related to particular aspects of a professional developer’s role. What is new today, however, is the idea of systemic thinking–the imperative that what we do in one aspect of education be integrally related to what we do in all others, and that the sum of those actions is centered on a shared vision of learning and how to reach all learners (Reasons, 2011). Educational improvement should involve the whole range of issues that affect schools, from the finances of the schools to the boards of educations to the assessment of students.

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