Write a paper on should the rain forest destruction be prohibited

I need some assistance with these assignment. should the rain forest destruction be prohibited Thank you in advance for the help! The notion that rainforest destruction should be restricted or altogether prohibited has both its believers and proponents in competitive ratio. This is also the general consensus as predicted by the scientific reports that with increased globalization adversely affecting the rainforests, global GDP can be significantly reduced because of the loss of long-term income in exchange for transitory economic gains.

It is considered by those favoring deforestation that this activity has phenomenally modernized the civilization by enhancing globalization and opening new horizons of opportunities for people from rural backgrounds. This is unequivocally true that deforestation leads to the conversion of forests into clear lands that can be cultivated for a broad range of agricultural uses. Much of the negativity regarding rainforest destruction relates to illegal timber trade, greed-based agricultural activities, and neglect displayed by the state authorities. This negativity is so excessively potent that it totally outweighs some of the positive aspects of deforestation, with the result that the future of global ecosystems is fraught with risk presently. Given that deforestation exposes the soil to scorching heat and heavy rain, most of the nutrients and other organic materials that make the soil suitable for vegetation and which reside in the upper layers of the soil are first deteriorated by the direct sunlight and later washed away by the rainwater, thus making the soil loses its natural fertility. Increased flooding is also a major drawback of deforestation that results because of the diminished number of trees, which help in absorbing large quantities of water and prevent flooding. Trees are highly capable of keeping the rate of flooding to a level that can be handled appropriately. Critics also relate sedimentation with deforestation,&nbsp.saying that when the topmost fertile layers of the soil are removed by the rainwater, many fisheries and reefs suffer from sedimentation resulting from excessive flooding, thus causing major setbacks to many businesses and destroying the wildlife.

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