Write a paper on the omnivores dilemma

I need some assistance with these assignment. the omnivores dilemma Thank you in advance for the help! The book contains articles on topics such as Peak Oil and the Slow Food Movement, off-grid living, social responsibility, sustainable development and reducing a person’s carbon footprint. This book is thought-provoking with great insights. People today are rightfully concerned with the degradation of the environment and hence worried about their food sources. This book relates to The Omnivore’s Dilemma because it discusses varied topics which are related to the environment in general but takes a closer look at how food sources are being produced in an industrial society which had degraded the environment through the use of misleading labels and advertising, such as free-range chickens. Consumers should endeavor to know the origins of their food sources.

Vileisis, A. (2008). Kitchen literacy: how we lost knowledge of where food comes from and why we need to get it back. Washington, DC, USA: Island Press.

This book is light reading and traces why people today have lost the knowledge of where their food comes from due to the combination of advertising that tries to build up brand loyalty in conjunction with the powerful farm industry lobbies. An intimate book of sorts for people concerned about the food they are eating, since we are what we eat, we better watch out for what we are eating. The book is a historical journey of sorts by tracking how food production evolved from beginning two hundred years ago to today’s supermarket and grocery shelves, totally disconnected or detached from actual production details to merely becoming modern consumers. This lack of knowledge has important implications as people do not care too much about how food was produced and what happened between the farm and the supermarket.

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