Write a paper on understanding of different literary techniques

I need some assistance with these assignment. understanding of different literary techniques Thank you in advance for the help! Emotional appeal is essential in developing an article since it influences the readership to identify with the plot and themes in the article, thereby sympathizing with the author. The article’s analysis on Going Home below analyses the author’s use of words to gain the emotional appeal from her audience.

Joan Dion, the author of the article, is a renowned writer and a linguist and therefore exhibits an understanding of different literary techniques, which she employs strategically in the article with the view of appealing and influencing her audience. The author’s first attempt to appeal to the audience and gain their understanding is her choice of themes in the article. among the themes that the author of the article addresses are family, home, and belongingness. Such are fundamental themes that every individual identifies within any society. The American population, which constitutes her primary target audience, identifies with the three essential themes above due to the specific social structure in society and its relationship. Therefore, the author positions the three themes tactfully, often addressing issues that influence everyone’s life. The tactic gains success for the article, thereby increasing readership for the article.

Belongingness, for example, is an emotional issue that affects everyone. it refers to recognizing a particular social set up. People develop an attachment to their societies as they grow up. Therefore, Dion develops attachment with her two homes, a feature that helps heighten the conflict within the article. She compares her present life as an adult with her husband and daughter versus her life with her father, mother, and other siblings. She explains the difference in portraying the differences tactfully to earn the article the emotional appeal she would have wanted for the article. Society expects people to marry at specific&nbsp.ages in their lives. the institution of marriage presents couples with different challenges, thereby necessitating Dion’s attempt to compare her two lives.

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