write an article on abortion morally acceptable by mary ann warren Paper must be at least 1500 words

The fact that a fetus is a living human cell may make such a human being. However, the stages of development of a fetus influence the definition of a fetus in proving whether such are humans or not. The moral aspect of the definition is equally important and Warren uses such to prove that abortion is morally acceptable. Warren argues that a fetus lacks rationality and self-consciousness two vital features that influence the definition of morality. With such a conclusion, she thus argues that abortion is morally acceptable since a fetus does not qualify as a human being.

Warren provides an in-depth analysis of the factors of the case key among which is personhood and the right to life. She explains that the factors that constitute personhood include the ability to reason, consciousness, ability to communicate and self-concepts among others. Such are basic features that are indeed provable in every person. The author of the article uses the above factors to prove that a fetus is not a person. This makes a fetus right to life equally contentious.

She furthers her argument by beginning the discussion on the stages of a fetus and its right to life. A fetus begins developing immediately a sperm fertilizes an ovum. She argues that the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is like a clot of blood and lacks any feature that would make it resemble a human. She sets out to explain the various developmental stages of a fetus since a number of people have often argued that at advanced stages a fetus is grown a feature that makes an abortion a murder. She contends with such arguments explaining that maybe the government should set a limit beyond which abortion is illegal. Despite such, the author maintains that the morals in the society permit abortion given the fact that a fetus is not a human being and that a fetus lacks the moral sense.

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