write an article on an analysis on the applicability of a national digital elevation model Paper must be at least 4250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on an analysis on the applicability of a national digital elevation model Paper must be at least 4250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Following the requirement to develop a reliable tool for analyzing the country’s geological situation, the National mapping agency requires to develop a digital elevation model that will be applied in major parts of the country.&nbsp.

The development of digital elevation models relies on the integration of apt technical skills and resource management ability in order to develop accurately and resource conservative geological management projects. As a result, the following business and technical case is aimed at providing viable solutions for the National mapping agency with regard to developing a dependable digital elevation model based on an integration of technical and business skills.

The issue at hand is based on delivering the most efficient digital elevation model for the country at affordable costs in order to provide a viable solution for the National mapping agency’s geological projects. The national mapping agency just like any other national mapping body in any given country requires the development of reliable digital elevation models that allow the state to effectively manage projects that require intense geographical navigation. Based on the National mapping’s requirement of implementing an efficient digital elevation model it is essential to develop the most appropriate digital elevation model based on the issues at hand. The digital elevation model is aimed at providing a reliable 3 D model of the entire nation’s terrain. In this case, this includes the ability to navigate the rural and urban terrain. Therefore, the digital elevation model will be based on analyzing the issues at hand with regard to developing the most applicable digital elevation model for the nation.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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One of the most important issues with regard to the development of the applicable digital elevation model is the assessment of the terrain. The ability of the digital elevation model will be based on the ability to navigate through rough terrain and through regions affected by adverse weather conditions in the country. For instance, based on the unpredictable weather patterns in adverse weather regions, digital elevation models may be unreliable with regard to monitoring areas affected by natural calamities such as floods. In this case, digital elevation models are essential for the development of water catchment distribution systems.

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