write an article on Basilios Astrology and Fate in Calderons La Vida Es Sueno. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

It is clear from the discussion that Calderon’s play seemed to center on the Basilio’s science and astrological prediction. This essay discusses Basilio’s vital role in the play, especially his astrological passion. It also examines the stage play of Life Is a Dream and how its visual objects or images essentially reflected Basilio’s predicament. The character of Basilio in Calderon’s play is that of a royal king who rules the 16th- or 17th-century Poland. Besides ruling the kingdom, Basilio is also well-known as a rigorous astrologer. In fact, he constantly studies the movements of the stars and other heavenly bodies in the lofty sky. The sun’s rays, the moon cycle, the Zodiac signs, and all the astrological figures in the heavens are the king’s “major study of my years”. It must be noted that in Basilio’s era, the astrology was the science of the day. Sixteenth- or Seventeenth-Century Poland and other parts of the Western Hemisphere systematically believed that the stars and the constellations greatly affected, influenced, and shaped the lives of the people on earth. In Basilio’s time, the praxis of astrology was highly considered as the most reliable and scientific discipline in the field of learning: “You know too that the science I most study and esteem is subtle mathematics”. Basilio’s two fields of human knowledge — i.e., the science and the mathematics — were generally identical. unlike in the present-day learning, science and mathematics were two sides of the same coin. The art of astrology widely practiced by Basilio and other astrologers of his time significantly used the available methods or approaches characterized by the 16th- or 17-century mathematics. In the process, Basilio becomes famous both within and outside his kingdom as a learned scholar. In fact, Astolfo largely describes Basilio as a man who is “more inclined to studies than to women”.

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