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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on chief culture officer’s role Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Cultural changes, even at the weakest of their signal, should be detected in order to plan for the future of the corporation. The Chief Culture Officer will, therefore, be the eyes and ears of such changes in any organization keeping it on toes with the changing trends. This will help companies steer away from blindside hits and in turn, escape major losses that would otherwise hit them hard. Since it is hard to predict what culture might throw into a certain sector of business, it is very important to have someone whose main job is to detect and predict the outcomes of the changes (McCracken, 2009).

Culture will always matter in business and without such forecasts, corporations will always experience unexpected changes that they may not be prepared for. For instance, if Microsoft had foreseen the importance of social media, they could have owned the technical world’s future. This instead was left for the social media giants Facebook, Apple, and Google, who are reaping fortunes from it. Another good example is the Levi-Strauss Company who missed the baggy jeans hip hop trend in their jeans and apparel making (Dubois, 2012).

Chief Culture Officer: Information Experts

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Information Experts is an award-winning strategic communications firm. It was founded in 1995 and prides itself on human capital, education and training, strategy, marketing, outreach, and interactive technology solutions. They have an outstanding environment with their culture and their employees blend nicely with the spirit of their firm. They are one of the best firms in achieving the training, communications, and organizational needs of non-profit organizations, commercial and government entities.

Situated in Reston, Information Experts’ 18 years have seen the company hold three multiple award schedules, numerous contract vehicles and have worked with 18 Federal Agencies in their comprehensive solutions deliveries. The firm would not have experienced all these successes if it did not have a Chief Cultural Officer (CCO). The officer’s main job is to predict market changes and understand how to change the mechanisms of the company in order to be ready for the changes.

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