write an article on Compare Chinese monster and American monster. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Although many Chinese still believe that Nian exists, it has never appeared in the community or to a human again. Today, many of the Chinese light fireworks, as well as beat drums and gongs to drive the monster away.

Modern people living in major towns and cities are the most notorious with the annual Spring Festival in commemoration of Nian the monster (Wong 27). In addition, the day signifies what most Chinese consider the unprecedented breakthrough after some villagers successfully tamed a horrible, ferocious monster that intimidated, attacked or even killed innocent people. Incidentally, tribulations of the village and the ultimate breakthrough forms the basis of contemporary traditions and customs associated with beating of drums, wearing red outfit and lighting of fireworks. The two other articles focus on Momo, an American monster. Momo (also known as the Missouri Monster) is hairy and foul-smelling (Hamilton 16). In general, the key differences between Nian and Momo highlight the fundamental cultural variation between China and the United States of America.

The Big Book of Missouri Ghost Stories (2013) by Troy Taylor examines and analyzes the circumstances leading to the discovery of Momo the Missouri Monster. Apart from Momo, the article analyzes various legends and ghostly tales of Missouri (Taylor 130). In addition, the article asserts that most of the legends and ghostly tales consist of a mystery, bloodshed, and tragedy. Taylor further states that copious other stories about Missouri have since been lost in time, hidden or remained secret. Although a number of legends seem to have significantly impacted villages, towns and states, Americans do not take them seriously unlike the Chinese (Taylor 130). Louisiana residents have never considered the day some residents purportedly saw Momo special in their cultural history.

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