write an article on comparison between president obama and president bush Paper must be at least 1250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on comparison between president obama and president bush Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! President Obama in his early moments in office was normally painted as being anti-Bush. As such, a lot of his ideas for example his approach to terrorism and foreign policy were considered mainly to be anti-Bush initiatives. Therefore, President Obama has differentiated himself from President Bush’s style of leadership and governance in many ways. However, the line of differentiation has withered over the years in some aspects. Where people once made bold and glaring distinctions between President Bush and Obama, they now draw blurry unclear lines or parallels. After all, as Mr. Sabato, the center for politics director at the University of Virginia puts it “American Presidents have never or are never independent actors. they are influenced by partisanship, congress, specific circumstances, federalism, economic realities, world, and domestic opinion and resources. Thus, Presidents over time tend to end up making similar decisions as other Presidents or agreeing a lot more than disagreeing or comprehending why the previous Presidents made the choices they made on a variety of controversial matters.

Nevertheless, most of the similarities between Obama and the Bush administration are absolutely dwarfed by the glaring differences in their specific substantive failures or errors. In order to choose or determine who the best President was, their failures and errors have to be taken into consideration. As most political experts state, a President’s legacy is often remembered more for its failings than for its achievements. President Bush’s failed domestic initiatives and failed political assumptions seem to be inconsequential to a lot of people when compared to his biggest catastrophic mistake. the Iraq war. Bush started the Iraq war after the September 9/11 attacks. The war which was supposed to run for six months turned out to be a 7 year very costly war.&nbsp.

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