write an article on culture diversity between islamic, catholic, and buddhist.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on culture diversity between islamic, catholic, and buddhist world Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The country has a homogenous population and the major languages spoken among this population are Korean and English. The major religion practiced by them is Christian and Buddhism.

Morocco is estimated to have over 33 million people. The age distribution among this population is majorly made up of people between the age of 15 and 64 at 67 %, followed by 0 14 years at 26 % while 65 years and over constitute 6.3% of the population. The Arab-Berbers make 99% of the population speaking Arabic as the major language and Berber as the indigenous language. The major religion that is practiced is Muslim

Ecuador has over 15 million people. People between the ages of 15 and 64 make 63 % of the population, 0 to 14 years make 30.6 %, and 65 years and above 6.4 %. The mestizos make the largest ethnic group followed by the Spanish the Blacks and the Europeans. Spanish is the official language while Quichua is the official language. The religion practiced is Christian with Catholics forming 99% of it.

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Iran has a population of over 80 million people with 71 % of the population being between 15 and 64 years of age while 0 to 14 years make 23 % of the population. The Persians are the major ethnic group making up over 60 % of the population. Other ethnic groups include the Azeris, Lur, Kurds, Arabs, Balochs, Turkmen, and the Turkic. Persian is the official language. Other languages include Arabic, Balochi, Gilaki, Kurdish, Turkic, and Mazandarani. The major religion is Muslim. However, there are Sunni, Christian, and Jews.

Iran’s existence as an Islamic state came after the revolution in 1979. It fails to recognize Israel as a sovereign state and continues to push for nuclear capability. Thus it has a strained relationship with Western powers.

Ecuador has been plagued by political instability since its independence for over 30 years. Only now has it gained stability. It has had disagreements with its neighbors over territories it claims to own. It was colonized by the Spanish. It celebrated 30 years of independence in 2003.

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