write an article on design analysis of gatwick bridge Paper must be at least 1750 words

Simple design processes were involved and it included design, building, and moving, and then erection but it was not possible without the use of heavy equipment. The building process involved consideration of operational safety and meticulous assessment of risks and backup equipment was put in place.

Its working principle was simple and effective by the inclusion of supporting beams and it is composed of a continuous frame fixed on piled foundations. The major structure is composed of a 198m long spine beam as well as additional Y-shaped supporting columns. The main component of the spine beam is a triangular plated box that is 2.5m below and above a triangular truss in the shape of inverted pyramids that can be seen by passengers. The curve of the bridge represents a real bending moment diagram with a total depth of 6m to 9.3m, resulting in a shape that emulates an actual bending moment diagram. The cladding of the interior was based on the structural curve.

Two Y-shaped columns were placed across the center of the taxiway and space of 128m was created between them to allow future taxiway widening. The shape of the column ensures an increase in the effectiveness of the structural span. Strength is provided by A-shaped columns to the deck in the direction of main loads such as winds.

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Lateral stability was achieved by using a truss in the roof plane the edges are connected by glazing reinforcement bars that complete the structural system while contributing to minimum interference of the glazed façade.

Dynamic analysis indicates that the bridge is able to accommodate a maximum number of 1200 passengers at the same time. Before completion of the bridge, there was a lack of certainty with regards to dynamic characteristics of the bridge because additional dynamic stiffness was expected in the design of the sliding connections.&nbsp.


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