write an article on ethnography of the bantu language: kutu Paper must be at least 1750 words.

The group is among the few Tanzanian ethics that are matrilineal and has a population of 87,000 people contrary to the majority of patrilineal tribes (Ndembwike 146). They normally hold firmly to their traditions where aspects similar to marriage receive high esteem. Their culture dictates clearly a person’s roles, for illustration, farming is the woman’s role. Hence, implying that, the wife together with their daughters and other co-wives are liable to farm the entire family’s land to ensure adequate produce all through the year (Caplan 290). Conversely, men normally concentrate on livestock raring, which is the core aspect valued during the bridal price in their community, and act as the custodians of their families where they have to instill the correct discipline. Initially, they were almost its majorities comprised of Muslims, but presently are shifting to Christianity.

Kutu contrary to other people contends that first missionaries segregated them since they misunderstood to be coastal Muslim (TWFTW). The missionary past them as they headed into the interior, hence presently not a single person knows Bible verse, which one can share with either friends or family members. Kutu does not have evangelical churches, which can boost their faith and quench strong ardent for spiritual upbringing (Caplan). The absence of the Bible translated into their own language is a clear indication that they encountered neglect, which is contrary to other tribes who already have, can read, and spread the gospel in their mother tongues. Kutu currently they are speaking Kiswahili due to the emergence of numerous evangelical bodies in their region (Caplan 290).

Due to negligence, numerous Kutus adopted Islam prior to the current time where some organizations have brought the Gospel to the land. Hence, society presently bears some Christians who their population compared to Islam is insignificant (TWFTW).

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6.9 RCR revival:


6.10 Death and afterlife beliefs:

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Yes, mainly according to Islam and lately Christianity, this is evident in some regions (The Joshua Project).&nbsp.

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