write an article on Goals and Objectives of Qualitative Analysis. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Goals and Objectives of Qualitative Analysis. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The data to be collected is mainly primary data and the group will mainly collect their data through interviews which will be audiotape thus this interviews could be conducted by visiting the sites of the surveyor through radio and also through telephone calls.

The group is to study the different qualities of the population and they might identify outstanding practices in their study and also learn why the population has to practice certain characteristics in relation to the qualities identified.

This research is to be carried out by the focus group in a site of their own choice where they find suitable depending on the qualities they would like to study, in relation to the population of their choice.

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The data could be classified into Classes: This is where data in the audiotapes are categorized in relation to the different qualities being studied. (Data is grouped into:

Class frequency: The number of observations in the data set falling in a particular class grouped together.

In this method, different graphs and charts are used to bring out differences among the characteristics of the qualities of interest to the researchers.

These methods include. bar graphs and pie charts, mainly.

Bar graphs:

They show the frequency of the quality of interest against the quality itself. They are drawn such that the height of the rectangle or “har” is equal to the class frequency (sometimes the bar heights can be proportional to class relative frequencies). The bars are usually of the same width, the values in the vertical scale are written on the lines, not in the gaps. The height of each bar represents the frequency for each characteristic and the bars are blocked in to emphasize the differences and are separated by a gap (which is not necessary for every bar chart).

Advantages of bar charts:

They give a clear picture of the differentials in the different characteristics.

They are easier to understand as compared to the tables from numerical analysis

They are attractive and appealing to study to the eye as compared to the tables.


They involve more procedures to prepare than the tables

They take more time to prepare

They require some skills in preparation which may not be obvious to everyone.

Pie chart

This is a circle (spanning 3600) and it has pre slices (assigned angles) such that each is proportional to the class relative frequency expressed in degrees.

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