write an article on how to reduce the overall level of stress Paper must be at least 1250 words

Instead of approaching this stress ex post facto, and attempting to assist the individual in recovering from the different types of stress they might encounter during the course of their normal job duties, it is necessary to tackle this issue on the front. namely by helping to prepare and otherwise assist the first responder with approaches, strategies, tips, and training that can allow them adequately deal with these issues and know how to approach them prior to systemic or chronic stress being the automatic response that the first responder might come to feel. Accordingly, the forthcoming analysis will delve into some of the ways in which both the individual as well as the organization can work together to accomplish these core goals.

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, the organization that represents the first responders plays an integral role with respect to stress reduction and assisting individual members in preparing for stress. This of course relates to the manner by which ongoing training is provided that allows first responders an outlet to discuss and analyze the different stress soars that they will face on a daily basis and provide them with adequate resources, protocol, and knowledge with regard to how they should engage with these stress sources. For years, individuals within the first responder community where I have the resources and training with respect to the different types of stress they would face on a daily basis. Ultimately, the failure of this particular as noted in the high rates of birth, PTSD, and other negative physiological or psychological impact of first responders that were not familiar with tactics or approaches towards the only with the unexpected levels of stress that would face in the course of performing their daily duties (Haugen et al., 2012).

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