write an article on Information Security Measures.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Information Security Measures. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The study has been planned in several stages. review of relevant literature. study of architectures and measures in computing systems. a case study of security issues within a specific system. and recommendations for good practices for information security. The study is expected to be completed in over a year, and resources at the university library and the computer laboratories have been considered adequate for the study.

A risk assessment approach is necessary for the development of systems with an acceptable level of risk. The use of security standards backed with administrative and technical measures are good practices for minimizing security risks.

Computing applications have become ubiquitous in human endeavors, with applications ranging from simple processing of personal information to complex systems. The widespread growth in the use of computers has led to an increase in risks to security as well. Computers vulnerable to such risks could lead to a range of myriad problems such as loss of information to failure of complex systems resulting in loss of life and property. Addressing computer security is of utmost significance in the design of systems. Organizations have been compelled to institute security systems/programs for the protection of information from increasing levels of threats (Knapp et al., 2009). There has been an evolution of security measures from the addressing of security breaches to managing those that have an impact on the economic growth of an organization. Information security is not about looking at the past of an attack faced. neither is it about looking at the present with the fear of being attacked. nor is it about looking into the future about the uncertainty that might befall us. It is about being alert at all times (Dlamini et al., 2009).

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Models of computer security such as the Bell-LaPadula model, the Biba model, and the Clark-Wilson model work within the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) framework.&nbsp.

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