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According to Martica Heaner, in her article ‘America, 100 per cent Fat’ she wrote that the present American generation of children is likely to die (Heaner). It is because of the childhood obesity that an increase in the children waistlines is also observed at an enormous speed. There are certain factors that contribute to the issue. The major factor for childhood obesity and its rapid growth in the present generation is eating too much of junk food and lack of exercise and work out (Lucas 45).

It should be noted that obesity is an abnormal growth of body fat that has the negative impact on the overall health (Heaner 3). The growing customs of eating junk and fast food rather than adopting for fresh and healthy meals at home is one major factor that is contributing to childhood obesity. Children are now eating food that is adding to their daily fat consumptions and are of poor quality (Heaner. Lucas). The fast-food culture has gained acceptance because of convenience and quickness in industrialized countries. It has been studied that 49% of parents answered that due to lack of time they take their children to restaurants rather than preparing healthy meals at home. The restaurant meals are not healthy at all as they have chemicals and do not include sufficient fruits and vegetables (Lucas 56).

Unsurprisingly, fast food is full of fat, refined sugar and sodium. All these components are bad for a child’s health. According to a CBS report one-third of children (approximately) in America that are aged between 4 and 19, eat fast food. It is understood that junk food has its side effects and has contributed a lot to child obesity and weight gain. As a matter of fact that consumption of fast food could not harm in the same manner if proper workout schedule is followed (Heaner. Lucas).

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I would like to inform you all that little or no exercise also contributes to child obesity.&nbsp.Doctors have also claimed it as one of the main culprits of childhood obesity. Unsurprisingly technology has taken over our societies in every sector. The present generation does not walk, run, or bother to go to the park to work out or play (Heaner. Lucas).

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