write an article on integration of social studies in k-6 curriculum Paper must be at least 1250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on integration of social studies in k-6 curriculum Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Social studies help to improve the intellectual capacity and democratic dispositions among young people. this makes them knowledgeable to their surroundings skillful and committed to democracy, factors that are essential to sustain and improve our democratic ways. The paper will explore different views as well as my own about social studies and the for’s and against its inclusion in the K-6 curriculum.

The inclusion of social studies back in elementary institutions is crucial if we expect learners to think critically and be in our multicultural democracy (Every Book is a Social Studies Book, Pp. 2). Preparing learners to be active in our multicultural democracy is a tough task. it is by teaching social studies in elementary grades that we start to instill these attributes to the learners. Elementary teachers assist learners to develop the skills of the active citizenry in relation to the learner’s daily interaction with their friends, classmates, and family as they make their decisions as to how to spend their leisure time (Every Book is a Social Studies Book, Pp. 3). According to John Dewey, democracy is more than just a form of governance. it is a form of associated living of conjoint communicated experience. Children begin to figure out what they will need to understand as adult’s i.e. effective participation in society, at elementary school. Scholars advocating the inclusion of social studies in the K-6 curriculum suggest that it should be history centered. learners should attain knowledge and understanding of the world that contains historical experiences of its inhabitants. be it in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe (Teaching Social sciences, Pp. 33).

In teaching social studies, lessons are crafted in such a manner that it enhances critical thinking about the various concepts of social studies such as. fairness, equality, freedom, and diversity that assist the learner to make an informed decision. Social studies can also be taught.

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