write an article on islam as unfamiliar religious tradition Paper must be at least 1250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on islam as unfamiliar religious tradition Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! I have never hated any religion or its believers, however, increasing terrorism and acts of destruction throughout the world associated with Islam led me to feel bad about Muslims and Islam in general. Selecting Islam as an “unfamiliar” religion for this field study reflects my curiosity stemming from the widely accepted image of Islam and Muslims in media today. &nbsp.During this field research, I came across a few Muslim men and women both online and offline. I tried to discuss my concerns and ideas about Islam and asked for explanations. I also researched and read about Islam and its practices from a Muslim viewpoint. After analyzing my misconceptions and prevailing ideas about Islam, I found that Islam is negatively perceived and we must learn more about religion and promote religious tolerance at every level.

The most disturbing was the idea that Muslims are Taliban, terrorists, or support terrorism in a way or the other. I have always imagined Muslim men with beards and Muslim women with a veil or black covering with headscarves. I believed that even educated Muslim men are oppressors. they are violent with their women and children. Somehow, I perceived that Muslims hate every other religion and want to kill people who belong to religions other than Islam. It is because Islam inspires them to fight or Jihad with non-Muslims. My most damaging misconception about Islam is that all Muslims truly follow Islam and hold similar views. I feel this perception led to all other misconceptions about and it seems true in most cases.

My meeting with Muslim people started with the immediate debunking of my ideas about how a Muslim man or woman must look like. A Muslim girl from a small city of Pakistan (Multan) named Rafia is a PhD student at the University of London. It was my first intentional encounter with a Muslim woman that too from a conservative&nbsp.society. I found her a confident, sophisticated, and balanced person without any sign of oppression. Considering her an exception, I inquired about her family, friends, and neighbors in Pakistan.

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