write an article on Long-Term Feasibility of Renewable Energy Sources.

Unlike coal, which can be transported from one area to another, all of these sources have to be used at the site where they are found. Thirdly, although we have made great strides in our ability to harness the energy from the sun, wind, or water, our current state of technology still does not allow us to do so efficiently enough. The energy wasted in the process far exceeds the energy we actually receive from these renewable sources. For these reasons, my conclusion is that solar, wind, and hydraulic sources of renewable energy cannot be a feasible and permanent alternative to coal.

Issue: Whether universal health care would have any real advantage to Americans.

Position: Universal health care would have real advantages to Americans.

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Premise 1: Private insurance companies can deny insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Premise 2: Health care costs are immense and impossible to pay off in full by most Americans, especially if they have no insurance.

Premise 3: The cost of providing health care to the increasing numbers of uninsured Americans, at emergency rooms or other available settings, costs the government billions of dollars every year.

Preexisting conditions, like congenital heart disease or Type I diabetes, can be grounds for refusal of health insurance by private insurance companies. This leads to a growing number of people who either are uninsured or have inadequate coverage. The costs of routine visits to a doctor, let alone life-saving procedures or long term medical care, are immense and can be impossible to pay off in full by most of the Americans. Thus, there is no regular and monitored access to health care for a growing number of people. Emergency rooms are available to uninsured people if they require urgent medical care, but these visits are not free. Neither do they include continued monitoring? The costs incurred by the government for providing aid to uninsured people run into billions of dollars. Providing some kind of basic health insurance for all American citizens would probably cost the government a lot less, in the long run. Thus, I conclude that universal health care would have numerous advantages to Americans.

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