write an article on Personal Narrative: Cinematic Memoir.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Personal Narrative: Cinematic Memoir. It needs to be at least 1250 words. A bookshop, a fashion brand, a car showroom, a bank – I kept driving empty-headed, looking at the shops on both sides of the street. Suddenly I saw a fast food restaurant with catchy images of food grabbed all my attention. “I better eat something before fainting,” I spoke to myself and parked the car nearby. As I entered, I felt mesmerized by the aroma of food and well-served meals on the tables. I ordered a large meal keeping my hunger in view, and sat down to wait for my turn. I looked outside the glass wall. the people were all in a hurry as if the day was shorter than 24 hours today. I smiled and kept looking outside.

I noticed an older man with clean clothes pleading for something from one person to the other. I tried figuring out what he would be asking for? Some money, a house, a job, or some free medicines that he would sell off later on? I rejected all my thoughts as I was served with the gigantic and deliciously made burger. After finishing and paying off the bill to the neatly dressed young boy of no more than 20 years, I grinned with the thought that he is losing on his studies. I could not think any better than continuing with the social evils and moving on, paying no heed to what others’ needs were.

I reached my car and opened the door, but I felt someone approached me. I looked back but could not see anyone. “Oh, well! Now I am hallucinating,”, I thought. Before I properly turned back, I bumped into someone. I got scared of the thin, bearded older man with reddish eyes and pale skin. He did not look that horrible from a distance. I suddenly stepped back and stammered a bit while asking him the issue. I tried keeping my voice strong and look fearless, but I doubt I did. The older man kept looking at me without blinking, and it seemed that he could not find words to speak. “Ahh, so here is another professional street beggar or supposedly homeless person trying to impress me with this surface acting of being helpless, duh!” I thought and gave a cold look at the older man. I turned toward my car, and before I could ignore and drive away, he asked me to stop. I was already getting late and was not in favor of such people who want to earn their living effortlessly.

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“Can I talk to you for a minute, my child?” he asked in a low and shabby tone.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I am not a beggar. I just have some dire need,” he said

“Every beggar claims to be a hard-working champ once. what’s new about you, huh?” I just thought but could not say it as he went into tears without hearing it even.

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