write an article on Psychology: Addiction. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Psychology: Addiction. It needs to be at least 1750 words. This is due to the buildup of physical tolerance. Also, exposure to cues associated with drugs may cause overreacting by the brain, for example, a cigarette addict walking past a smoking zone may feel tempted to smoke. In some cases, people react to being emotionally stressed and end up using drugs and gambling these are psychologically based addiction and are not necessarily caused by physical addiction. An individual with a certain addiction shows overdependence on the substance and it may be difficult for them to carry on their day without the substance (Roy, 2009).

In the past, society was more judgmental towards people with addictions. Addiction was considered a voluntary behaviour where the addicts were considered reckless, indiscipline and immoral. They were seen as having no regard towards others and addiction was seen as a deficiency in character. Then people started viewing addiction as a disease. Addicts were now considered sick and not morally deficient. People stopped criticizing and judging them. The idea of being sick was nothing to be excited about but it was preferred to being considered reckless and immoral. Hence the idea was largely embraced by virtually everyone. The idea continuously attracted powerful emotional support due to the benefits that came with it. Up to date, most people in society still view addiction as a disease.

Although the disease concept was widely accepted, the fact that addiction doesn’t have any characteristics of the disease was overlooked (Dodes, 2011). Addiction is mainly classified as a group of behaviours rather than a disease. For example, in comparing some of the known causes and processes of true diseases such as tuberculosis, diabetes and Alzheimer. Tuberculosis is caused by an infectious agent but this is not so in addiction. Diabetes occurs through a pathological biological process and Alzheimer is caused by a biological degenerative condition. Addiction has none of the above characteristics. (Dodes, 2011). The fact that, if addiction is not dealt with in time might get worse is the only characteristic of addiction that is similar to that of a disease.

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