Write an article on systems analysis / database design analysis

I need some assistance with these assignment. systems analysis / database design analysis Thank you in advance for the help! These clauses need to be embedded in the proposed information system if it is to take care of the required generation and issuance of the transcripts. How this handling of clauses is done, can be proposed in the text that follows:

STAKEHOLDERS and USERS.&nbsp.The first thing that is required to be assessed when beginning to design a system is that the stakeholders and the designers of the system should be chalked out. In this particular case, the students enrolled in the university, the instructors teaching courses at the university, and the administration of the university would be its stakeholders.

The proposed system would be used by the students, the instructors, and the system handlers which include the database administrators and the programmers both. Proposed the system would be linked to the accounts management system of the university as well to confirm the payment of dues of a student before the issuance of the degree to him.

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ENTITIES and ATTRIBUTES. To accommodate the details of each respective student, the courses being offered in the university, the semesters that the university has each year, and the details of instructors it is proposed that the following entities be made: Student. Instructor. Grade Report. Grade. Department. Transcript. Course. Section.

Each entity mentioned above is supposed to have several characteristics associated with it. The characteristics relevant to the transcript generation system can be proposed as follows.

For the entity of student the following characteristics must be recorded:

– The Name of the Student.

– ‘The Registration Number of the student’. This number is assigned to it at the time of enrollment by the university itself. This is like an identification number for the student with which he is recognized in all the university documentation. It is a unique number.

To achieve the first normal form, the primary key focus is changed to discriminate repeated groups. For example, for the following un-normalized entity the focus is on the Dept# as a primary key.

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