write an article on The Advantages and Disadvantages of Scientific Management. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Advantages and Disadvantages of Scientific Management. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Nevertheless, some disadvantages might be experienced in the long-run, such as decreased employee satisfaction. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of applying the principles of scientific management in organizations.

Advantages of Scientific Management

Scientific management focused on applying innovative and better production methods, waste reduction, and efficiency in the production processes. Division of labor is clearly defined, with the government enhancing employees’ skills through training and development in their specialization areas. Wages and rewards are pegged to the output, and therefore employees work hard to increase their earnings, which translates to improved productivity (Bhatt, 2002). Davenport (1999) argues that the scientific management approach is based on the premise that the organizational goals can only be accomplished by enhancing procedures in the workplace and providing the necessary resources for the task. Therefore, managers tend to focus on the enhancement of the capacity of personnel through the provision of equipment and standardized procedures to accomplish tasks efficiently.

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The management approach reduces the cost per unit of production through consistency and adequate supervision for better quality products. In the accomplishment of strategic objectives, scientific management puts the organization in competitive advantage through optimal use of resources and making informed decisions (Hoyle, 2006). A competitive advantage is accomplished through a labor force strengthened by a culture of co-operation between the management and subordinates. All efforts are geared towards a result that increases customer satisfaction (Cleland, 1995).

A competitive position is maintained in the organization by maintaining reliable information flow. This is significant for senior managers to deal with emerging problems before the project plan is adversely affected. The organizational teams can accomplish tasks with a clear vision regarding the expected outcome and hence understand their roles and how their actions are connected to the broader picture of the organizational goal (Begg and Ward, 2006). Duplication of roles in the organization is therefore avoided mainly due to effective communication, which, on the other hand, increases enthusiasm in the workforce and hence improved output (Bhatt, 2002).

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