write an article on The Black Dahlia. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Black Dahlia. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The murdered victim was found severely mutilated with her body severed and drained of blood. Her mouth has been slashed at both ends in a macabre grin, while her head has been bludgeoned. The two detectives are the older, more seasoned Lee and the younger Bucky, who has been nicknamed as “Fire” and “Ice” respectively, because of their emotional response styles. While Lee gets involved in another case where an old enemy is about to get paroled, the primary investigation of the young woman’s murder falls on Bucky. The detective takes a fancy to the young murdered woman and becomes obsessed with solving the case and finding out who murdered her.

In the search for clues, he arrives at a lesbian bar where he meets Madeleine Linscott, a spoilt rich woman who also turns out to be bisexual. This also provides him his ticket into the circles of the rich in Hollywood where he discovers a den of filth, corruption, and crime. In his attempts to solve the mystery, Bucky only falls deeper into this corrupt world, where his own morals are tested.

Brian DePalma’s films abound in “highly improbable plots and characters.” (Hirschberg 79) and this appears to be a reasonable observation in the case of films such as “Blow Out” and “Body Double” for example, where the principles of irony and a general imperviousness to realism appear to predominate. This may also be applicable in the case of the film “Black Dahlia”, where the audience is presented with several improbable characters, notably the bisexual character of Hilary Swank who is presumably a look-alike for the murdered girl. Another character that appears to be almost a caricature is the character played by Fiona Shaw.

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The film “Black Dahlia” is characteristic of dePalma’s form of suspense noir, where the viewer is constantly reminded that he or she is watching a film from outside, because the events occuring are so surreal or because they appear to make so little&nbsp.sense.&nbsp.

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