write an article on the holy family with saint anne and john the baptist Paper must be at least 1250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the holy family with saint anne and john the baptist Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Within this corpus, the images depicting her family hold special significance.

Her painting titled The Holy Family with Saint Anne and John the Baptist (1592) is a good example of a religious narrative painting, which is a clear deviation from her usual portrait representations she was renowned for during her era. The work which is oil canvass and measures 125.7 by 110.5 cms, is in the collection of the Lowe Art Museum at the university of Miami. The signings and dating of the painting reflects Counter Reformation interest in devotional images that directly emotionally appealed to the viewer. The composition of her work reveals interest in sfumato and warmth of presentation that reminisces earlier Renaissance painters, instead of the harsher realism that characterized many Counter reformist artists.

In the painting, the brightness in which the child is portrayed seems to suggest both human and super-natural aspects, clearly alluding to the ‘sainthoodness’ conveyed by the effect of the lighting. Anne, who is the common theme in the picyure, was the mother of virgin Mary, and Elizabeth Mary’s cousin was the mother of Saint John. This is known because copies of the picture by other artists exist and attest to the fact and identify Cambiaso as the original author of the composition. It is important to note that Cambiaso was one of the Counter Reformation painters who employed the so-called ‘new objectivity,’ in which sacred events were painted in convincing and realistic details. The image of the innocent little child reaching out for the suffering to come would then inspire great repentance for one’s sins. Ironically his death would be at the hands of the same family responsible for the massacre of the innocent and the Holy family’s flight to Egypt-however from this picture, a depiction of their return may have been possible. The appeal of the presence of Saint John is deliberate and very direct, especially with his mother.&nbsp.

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