write an article on The Role of Courage of Children in Little Women and Treasure Island. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

“Treasure Island reflects deep anxiety about the power imbalance that complicates the adult author-child reader relationship… Stevenson worries that the authors of adventure stories aim to indoctrinate and exploit youngsters like his impressionable boy hero” (Gubar, 2009, pp126-127).

&nbsp.A central element of this is through the subversion of societal norms associated with children with the use of strength. For example, in Treasure Island, the novel’s central protagonist Jim Hawkins relays the journey of pirates and hidden treasure and the narrative is rich with the action of childhood adventure, which is infused with adult themes such as morality, alcoholism, and murder (Jones, 2003).

Moreover, it is submitted that Jim’s character arguably fuses the universal quest for adventure conventionally associated with childhood with serious issues impacting child development, development in growing up. This is exemplified by the characterization of Jim as a boy-man in taking the Hispaniola to get the buried treasure: “the scheme had an air of adventure that inspired me, and the thought of the water breaker beside the fore companion doubled my growing courage” (Stevenson, 1883, p.196).

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Similarly, Alcott’s “Little Women” also subverts the contextual norms associated with children growing up, which is arguably attributable to Alcott’s difficult childhood (Clark 2005, p.213). Indeed, Alcott utilizes the familiarity of domesticity associated with girls and subverts this to underline the complex issues impacting children’s lives, which was contextually an unfamiliar concept. This is underlined by the development of the relationship between Mrs. March and her children: “I think she is growing up and so begins to dream dreams, and have hopes and fears and fidgets, without knowing why or being able to explain them. Why Mother, Beth’s eighteen but we don’t realise it, and treat her like a child, forgetting she’s a woman”&nbsp.

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