write an article on using a compound light microscope Paper must be at least 1750 words.

Thus, microscope technology has made advancement in science. Through the use of microscopes, it has become easy to discover and learn about the microorganisms, structure of cells, and know more about animals, fungi, and plants more closely. Moreover, microscopes are also being used to diagnose illness in hospitals all over the world.

With the advancement in microscope technology, microscopes’ use has moved far beyond as visible light refracting lenses. Now, electrons, infrared rays, and x-rays are used to detect the smallest structures to diagnose and treat the illness. Furthermore, electron microscopes are used to obtain information about viruses.

The light microscope is a well-used research tool in biology because it helps to detect small objects through visible light. This instrument is expensive depending upon its versatility and quality. Moreover, light microscopes are used widely to look more closely at cells in tissue. however, its visibility is limited to see objects less than 0.2 micrometers.

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Electron microscopes are used to see much smaller objects which are inside cells. Moreover, the thinnest of cell walls are also seen which shows how diffusion and active uptake are used which transfer molecules in a cell wall. Electron microscopes are found and used in all routine laboratory procedures and biological laboratories. Moreover, its use is now increased in most researches.

As mentioned afore, a Microscope is an optical instrument that makes use of a single lens or a combination of lenses to generate enlarged images of objects that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Microscopes may be categorized as electron microscopes (e.g. SEM, TEM). Light microscopes and scanning probe microscopes.

&nbsp. The compound microscope used two lenses or lens systems. One lens magnifies the image of an object which is then again magnified by the second microscope. The compound microscope is composed of two lenses one is called the eye piece whole the other one is known as objective. The total magnification is the product of both magnifications

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