write an article on Ways To Fix The Stray Animal Problem In Austin. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Ways To Fix The Stray Animal Problem In Austin. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Among all stray animals dogs occupy the foremost position which over 500 million. This phenomenally large number has emerged as serious predicament for animal welfare organizations as these stray dogs suffering from hunger and illness seek sanctuary in human communities where they are generally seen as a nuisance by people living alongside them. Moreover diseases caused by the bites of dogs such as rabies and distemper are extremely fatal and are not easily curable.

Lack of knowledge and widespread unawareness about the problem has further worsened the problem. Communities in developing countries often take barbaric steps to solve this problem which includes measures like electrocuting dogs or simply shooting them. These appalling methods afflict great pain on the animal and simultaneously are not beneficial in long term as they fail to identify the root causes of the problem.&nbsp.

The city of Austin has always been certified as a ‘bird sanctuary’ city which can be vindicated from the fact that the city administration has allocated thousands of acres of land to preserve the species and habitats of salamanders and warblers, but concurrently the city lacks greatly when it comes to providing help to animals once they are out of their protected environment and are found injured in the backyard of someone’s residence.&nbsp.

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It is commendable to see that over a period of a year or two developments in this particular segment has been phenomenal. The administration of the city has been formulating effective strategies in collaboration with non-governmental organizations to address this issue at a suitable platform. Many organizations and associations which include prominent names like Protection for Animal and Welfare Services or PAWS, Shadow Cats Rescue, The Central Texas SPCA and ARF. All these organizations are playing a laudable role to counter the looming threat of stray animals in the city. Among all of these the role of PAWS has been instrumental in every sense. The prime objective of this non-governmental organization is to increase awareness among people by initiatives like educational campaigns and promotion of human standards to prevent cruelty to animals. In addition to this it also focuses on providing shelter to homeless animals and help in the reduction of domestic animal overpopulation. PAWS have also been working in joint ventures with Texas VOAD (Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster) and UAN (United Animal Nations) in natural disasters.&nbsp.

In conjunction to this another prominent name is that of Spay Austin Coalition a group of individuals in Austin working collectively to increase acquaintance about stray animals by means of education, resources and opportunities to weather the over-population problem of such animals in the city. Town Lake Animal Center is the largest animal rehabilitation center situated in Central Texas which provides shelter to over 23,000 stray animals found in the city of Austin and other areas adjoining it. The center which has been developed in conjunction with the ASPCA focuses on training people ways by which they can identify and report cases of animal cruelty.

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