write an article on web site for tony’s chips

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on web site for tony’s chips Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Support is also widely available on the internet and a support package can be bought from Microsoft. Windows can be installed in a local PC by a relative novice, but it does require specialists when used in a multi-server environment.

Apache will run on Windows or Linux. It has by far the largest installed base of web server software. It does require some expertise to install for a small site, and specialists are required for large sites with many web pages and high hit rates. Support is widely available on the internet.

Microsoft IIS which forms part of the Windows Operating System is the second most popular web server. It is easy to install from the Windows Control Panel by a novice, but specialists are required for a multi-server site. Support can be purchased from Microsoft as part of the Windows Support package.

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A database is required for a website if there is to be any form of long term storage or transaction-based processing such as placing orders. Open-source offerings such as MySQL or PostgreSQL are readily available and free, Microsoft provides SQL Server for Windows and there are other chargeable products such as Oracle (which runs on Windows or UNIX/Linux).

MySQL runs on Windows or Linux, has a major market share, and supports large websites. It requires minimal expertise to install but does require SQL expertise to implement a database. While being very fast, MySQL has limitations in terms of transaction integrity.

PHP, Perl, and Python are the generally used languages on the open-source platforms, although they can also be used on a Microsoft platform. For Microsoft platforms, ASP.NET is the preferred language, but other .NET languages also work.

Although the brief is to “… provide a disaster recovery solution to ensure the site is always available”, this is too onerous on a small operation like Tonys Chips. The scope of disaster recovery covered here is where the web-server does not respond to requests, recovery will be automated, and short periods of downtime (minutes) will be tolerated. It does not cover:

• External network faults, such as the cable being dug up – this would require a redundant network connection via an alternate route (such as wireless) to backup the fixed cable, as well as alternate domain configurations on the switches of the major carriers (DNS failover).

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