write an article on women in the workforce Paper must be at least 1250 words.

They were greatly involved in the textile industry since they were traditionally able to perform this job-based in their homes. However, when they would get married, these women would leave their jobs for domestic work. In the United States, women were working in approximately one hundred and seventy-five diverse professions by 1850. In this group, most women engaged in occupations that were extensions of their traditional domestic roles for instance spinning, food processing as well as clothing manufacture. In addition, twenty-five percent of the workers who worked in factories in the United States were unmarried women (McLaughlin, 1). The First World War was another significant opportunity for women to prove their capability in the workforce. During this war, most men left vacant positions as they went for war. This provided an opportunity for women who took up these positions. In England for example, approximately two million women replaced men at their jobs during World War 1. Some of these jobs were areas that women may have filled prior to the war, for instance, clerical jobs. This also affected the types of positions that women filled. Some women were engaged in employment in the transportation sector, engineering as well as hospitals (Wilde, 2). There were also dramatic changes in the American labor force during the Second World War just as during the First World War, men left their jobs to become soldiers and women filled these positions. During this time, these women majored in the production and manufacture of weapons and other machines for the war (Bascom, 2). Fascinating statistics indicate that the number and percentage of women in the workforce constantly grow to date.&nbsp

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